Seven FAQs About LoRaWAN Academy for University Leaders

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With professors beginning their plans for Fall curriculum, here are the some of the most common questions being asked. Keep an eye out for more FAQ blogs, and other new articles on the LoRaWAN Academy blog page!

LoRaWAN Academy is a hands-on curriculum for university students to learn about the LoRaWAN™ open specification. The program consists of a thorough 10-week online course as well as network infrastructure kits for campus use, allowing students a hands-on-approach to create LoRa-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. 


Q: Who can sign up for LoRaWAN Academy?

A: Professors or department chairs can register their university for the LoRaWAN Academy program. While students do not have the ability to sign up individually at this time, they are encouraged to share the LoRaWAN Academy website with their university’s leadership.


Q: How does LoRaWAN Academy compare to other low-power, wide-area network curriculums elsewhere?

A: LoRaWAN Academy is the only IoT curriculum dedicated to the LoRaWAN open standard that offers universities both hardware and a comprehensive training course on the technology. LoRaWAN is a globally adopted, leading platform for IoT networking. Explore the LoRa Alliance™, a non-profit collection of over 500 companies with a shared stake in the success of LoRaWAN, to learn more.


Q: Why should universities adopt the IoT and LPWAN curriculum?

A: IoT is a global technological phenomenon. From smartphones to other connected hardware, modern consumers have certainly made use of IoT-connected devices recently. Many of these devices currently run on low power wide area networks (LPWANs) or will in the near future. In addition, Semtech’s LoRa® devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology) is quickly becoming the IoT platform of choice. In fact, according to an IHS Markit report, 40% of all LPWAN public network connections are expected to be LoRa®-based devices and represent the premier LPWAN solution in 2019. To learn more about how students and universities alike could benefit from implementing a LoRaWAN Academy course at their university read about the academy’s benefits for students and universities.


Q: How does LoRaWAN Academy prepare students for careers in the IoT?

A: As the industry moves toward a smarter and better-connected planet, graduates with comprehensive, hands-on experience in a unique, innovative and technical field, such as IoT or LPWANs, will be sought after by employers. Completing the LoRaWAN Academy course means students have tangible, real-world experience that will help set apart their resume from others being considered for a job opening. Additionally, a LoRaWAN Academy completion certificate could offer a foot in the door and opportunity to network with over 500 companies within the LoRa Alliance who are committed to using LoRa Technology for solving IoT challenges.


Q: How does a LoRaWAN Academy program elevate the profile of my university?

A: A program with LoRaWAN Academy indicates a university is on the cutting edge of IoT innovation. Since LoRaWAN is a leading network specification powering the IoT, familiarizing students with the network specification as undergraduates should help raise the profile and reputation of both the university and its students. Additionally, LoRaWAN Academy curriculum helps make universities all the more attractive to potential students seeking real-world tech skills. For example, smart city solutions are expected to dramatically rise in the coming years. Completing a LoRaWAN Academy program means the student has had firsthand experience with the protocol that is fast becoming the de facto leader in IoT smart city network solutions.


Q: Who has adopted LoRaWAN Academy?

A: A number of universities in the United States and abroad have implemented the LoRaWAN Academy coursework. Outside of the universities featured in these articles, there is a high demand for the program and several universities around the globe are currently in the process of integrating LoRaWAN Academy into their curricula. To stay updated on LoRaWAN Academy news and announcements, subscribe to the e-newsletter.


Q: How do universities get started with LoRaWAN Academy?

A: Applying to LoRaWAN Academy is easy! Upon acceptance in the program, each university must designate a program ambassador - either a university professor or department chair who will be responsible for overseeing the corresponding engineering courses or wireless IoT curriculum. This person will receive the network hardware kit and will be provided the guidelines on how to install and operate the devices. For more information visit the LoRaWAN Academy onboarding page.

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