NEWS: Packetworx to Launch the First LoRaWAN Academy Program in the Philippines

Posted by LoRaWAN Academy on Oct 25, 2018 5:00:00 AM

The program will offer coursework, hardware development kits, and other tools to teach students about LoRaWAN™

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Six FAQs about the LoRaWAN Academy Curriculum

Posted by LoRaWAN Academy on Oct 2, 2018 5:00:00 AM


LoRaWAN Academy is a specially developed hands-on curriculum for university students to learn about the LoRaWAN™ open specification. The program includes a robust online course, development kits and network infrastructure. With universities back in session for the new school year, there has been an increase in interest in the program, as well as the number of questions we have received about the program. In this blog, we’ll answer some of the top questions we hear from university professors and department heads who are interested in adding LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) education to their curriculum. This is blog #2 in our FAQ series; to read blog #1, click here!

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Beyond the Classroom: LoRaWAN Academy Offers Unique Real-World Experience

Posted by Jennifer Noble on Aug 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM


There is no better time than now to expose engineering students to the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT industry is booming as more and more businesses seek to deploy comprehensive IoT solutions that will streamline operations for their customers. However, when it comes to hiring engineers to develop these solutions, employers aren’t just recruiting candidates who have knowledge about the IoT market. They are recruiting candidates who have practical experience ― something many engineering students aren’t equipped with in school. This is where LoRaWAN Academy steps in.

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LoRaWAN Encryption 101

Posted by Laurens Slats on Jul 18, 2018 4:00:00 PM


When talking about data security, throwing terms such as “asymmetric cryptography”, “end-to-end encryption” and “key derivation” will either impress someone deeply with your sound knowledge of the mysterious ways of the web, or you instantly become an obscure, lock-picking villain. A pity really, because the fundamentals of data security are not that difficult to understand and many companies consider this the highest priority in LoRaWAN™ implementations.

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Seven FAQs About LoRaWAN Academy for University Leaders

Posted by LoRaWAN Academy on Jul 9, 2018 11:32:16 AM


With professors beginning their plans for Fall curriculum, here are the some of the most common questions being asked. Keep an eye out for more FAQ blogs, and other new articles on the LoRaWAN Academy blog page!

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Small Private Networks Fit the Bill for Customized, Flexible Use Cases

Posted by Stephane Dejean on Jun 7, 2018 8:38:59 AM


Indoors or out, the flexibility of small private networks (SPNs) to handle a wide range of applications is fueling rapid deployment of ad-hoc LoRa-based Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Smart businesses, smart cities, smart farms, smart metering, smart industry, 

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NEWS: Higher Ed can take the lead in growing IoT economy

Posted by LoRaWAN Academy on Feb 15, 2018 8:42:47 AM
Read the full article on EducationDIVE.
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NEWS: Vellore Institute of Technology in India Enrolls in the LoRaWAN Academy to Connect Students with Leading IoT Technology

Posted by LoRaWAN Academy on Nov 22, 2017 9:28:21 AM

The institute will have a lab designed for students to experiment with LoRaWAN-enabled applications that can impact and solve real-world challenges

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NEWS: LoRaWAN Academy Connects Next-Generation Engineers With Cutting-Edge Program - UniversityParent

Posted by LoRaWAN Academy on Nov 17, 2017 4:19:45 PM

Read our launch announcement editorial coverage by UniversityParent: 

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NEWS: LoRaWAN Academy Offers Comprehensive Engineering Curriculum to Universities - Uloop

Posted by LoRaWAN Academy on Nov 17, 2017 4:16:37 PM

Read Uloop's coverage of our program launch announcement here: 

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